Thursday, June 22, 2006

"IT Man" saves the day!!!

Good Morning,

It's beginning to look brigther and sunnier now been raining alot. I'm actually feeling much better from yesterday shock. Had already accepted that the pictures cannot be save no more. Just as I log on this morning an angel appear, he's none other than my cuz Kelvin the "IT Man" to save the day. I'm very grateful and thankful for helping me. For all you people out there who's like me prone to making big bubus like deleting stuff here and there (accident prone. You can still salvage and save stuff you think you may have lost. Try this program it has help me so I hope it can help you guys too. The link is as follows

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Man I was so excited with the photo's taken yesterday that I was uploading them. Guess what happen I was looking for the folder to save it in and I deleted all my photo in the folder. All my photo's that I have taken for the past 2-3 years. All my trip photos, all gone!!! Am really shock and appauled with what I have done. I couldn't breath and I think that my heart actually stop beating for a while. Right after that I could feel my whole body shaking and numbness all over my limbs. How could i be so careless and down right stupid? What was I thinking? Am really upset wtih myself now. Just shock!!! T_T


Today is a very special day! The date 20.06.2006 its really special. Double Double numbers!!!
I bet those 4D kaki will definately bet on the numbers. Will see if the no will come out tom.

Today is also World Refugee Day, a very special day indeed. Last year, I remember I was invited to attend World Refugee Day Celebrations at the Parlimet. This year the UNHCR organized a wonderful Carnival event for the refugees. Although it was pouring quite heavily and the grounds were muddy, that didn't stop them from having fun. Angela and I volunteer to do some face and nail painting for the kids. We had tonnes of fun. I must say that Angela is quite an artist :) Here's some pics I took...slide show for all to see.

I am very honoured and privilage to be able to join in the celebration. I have been working as a volunteer teacher at the UNHCR for the past 2 years. And I'm really glad that I had the opportunity teach and work with the refugees from Acheh and Myanmar. It's really rewarding to see the students learning and enjoying themselves. The pains and turbulence they go thru to get here its very commendable. I don't think that I'm as brave and daring as them. This year theme is "HOPE", I really hope the best for them and that they will be able to seek haven soon.

In the end, I came home with lots of photo shots with my students and a ballon hat that didn't really fit well on my head. Angela says I've got a big head hehehehehe......

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

World Cup Fever 2006

The World Cup is here again. Although I'm not a really big fan of football, I'm kinda sucked in to watch it. Rowdy neighbours cheering on their team every single time a goal is scored, makes you wanna get in and watch it too. It's really amazing how much the craze has catched on.

Just struck me that it's been 4 years since my dad past away. The last World Cup he was routing for Germany to win. Can't remember if he finished watching the game or not. He's a really big fan of football too. How time flies!!!!

This year, saw the first game Germany vs Costa Rica, very fast pace and intersting game. Didn't finish watching at all. My eyes couldn't take it. Next day, was excited cause England was playig against Paraguay. Seeing that I follow the English Premier League at times, kinda know the players makes it more interesting unfortunately, it was the most boring game I've ever seen. Super duper!!! So dissapointed... didn't watch any games yesterday but I heard it was good. Both USA & Japan lost. Today I saw, Korea vs Tongo and boy oh boy was it an exhilarating game. Me routing for Korea of course seeing that I used to worked for korean company. And they did really well, beat Tongo 2-1 =)

Well, hope to stay up to watch Brazil but I'm guessing I'll catch the repeat. My eyes are getting really sleepy now. My eye bags are getting worst as I've been deprived of my beauty sleep.....hehehe. Aren't we all? Haven't done much over the weekend like everyone else, been busy watching the world cup.

Dedicated to my dear friend Bahrman

A great man, teacher and a good friend. I was really shocked to hear that he's no longer with us anymore. He passed away peacefully on June 10, 2006. He's now together with Kak Ana.

We had so many fond memories of our trip last year in Mabul. Was looking forward to dive again there this year. How things change in such a short period of time.

I will always remember him as a very happy person with great passions in life.

My dear friend you will be miss by all. May you find peace and happiness.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Jaden Yuen Zhen Han Full Moon

Yesterday was my nephew Jaden's Full Moon. He's already one month old. He looks exactly like Ryan when he was a little baby. His brother Ryan and cousin sister Samantha was there too. Kids running around and I was chasing after them with the camera. Was fortunate to have found an upcoming model who was willing to pose for me. She's none other than our little Sammy. They are so cute at this stage. For those who miss the dinner, here are some pictures of the event. Mostly the babies :P especially my cute model.

I have also added a slide show here... thanks to Kelvin.