Friday, July 24, 2009

Daddy's on YouTube!

Kenanga: Time to look at warrants

Daddy appears on The Edge TV talking about call warrant products. There's also articles and write up too. Here are the links!

Isabel Wall Walking

This is Isabel attempting to walk holding onto the walk for support. Also she knows what it means to eat breakfast, porridge and yogurt. She would smack her lips together to indicated she wants to eat or drink. She also knows where the porridge pot is - too clever!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My baby is 10 months now!

Isabel at Signature Kitchen Showroom....testing out the durability of the Blanco Sink.
"Perfect for me to take my bath in here mummy"

Isabel climbed into the suitcase on her own while her daddy was unpacking. Unbelievable!

Playing with Cousin Sammy and Ethan.

At Sophie's 1st Birthday Party

2 more months and our little one will be turning 1 years old. She's growing up really fast and I just want her to remain like this. She's talking a lot of gibberish now, mostly screaming out loud. Can stand on her own for a longer period of time. I think anytime soon she will start to walk which is scary. I guess I'll be even more busier chasing her around the house. She loves to dance to music, its really cute to see her shake her booty to the beat of the music. Fav music - "Jai Ho" by the PCD and Lady Gaga "Just Dance n Poker Face". Isabel also hates to wear clothes right after her bath, mummy has to play catch everytime. Even worst when it comes to wearing diapers, that's why the invented the pull up pants. Have to get me some of those :)

She's also quite adventurous and daring, climbing down on her own from our 3ft high bed. Recognizes more people now and getting use to more people around her. She understands a lot more words now, e.g. "Bu Ke Yi" means no no no and she would shake her hands and know she's not suppose to do certain things...but she will still try to defy mummy once in a while. Must not use it too often only when necessary. She's also started to eat types of food now but Porrigde still the main choice. Fav fruit - Banana, apples and grapes.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Isabel Videos Galore :)

Isabel able to climb on her chair and understand the word "Bu Ke Yi" = means No No No. Cute that she's able to move her hands with it :P

Isabel at Gymboree crawling in the tunnel. She's so brave! Not scared at all.

This is Isabel naked playing with her toys :P

This is Isabel eating apple on her own for the first time. Full concentration, afraid she might choke. Yummy yummy right! Btw, she just had a banana before this.

Isabel able to cruise on furniture and on walls. She loves to talk a lot too. Mostly screaming

Isabel playing ball with Daddy, very excited cause daddy came home early and play with her.

This is Isabel playing with Chime. (Victoria is the babysitter)

Isabel dancing to the music "Jai Ho". Can shake and dance to the music - check out her legs. This was taken like a month back. She also likes to dance to Lady Gaga's music - Just Dance and Poker Face :)