Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Birthday 18th September 2006

My hunny got me a really nice pearl necklace :) He said this year I naughty so no present but he lied. Hehehe...me like the necklace. Nice or not?!

We then went to Chilis to eat dinner and embarassed me in front of everyone :P I got free brownie and ice-cream for dessert. Yeah!!!

BBQ B'day Pool Party

Woohooo!!! Party! Party! Party!
How do I begin? Last minute decided to throw a bbq party on my 31st b'day. So made a guestlist and shopping list of stuff to get. Email friends to come for the b'day bash. Mom started to get worried not enough food and also afraid that it may pour down hard. Lately the weather here has been quite eratic...lots of rain in the Klang Valley. So order some tables and chairs.

Started to get the stuff on Fri and Sat. Spent the whole Sunday morning preparing and cooking the food to cater for over40 pax. Got hotdogs, burger (apparently not enough for everyone - didn't know it was so popular), satay, chicken wings, lamb, fried bee hoon, coleslaw, corn, potato jacks, jelly, marshmallows, cake and watermelon. Not too sure if everyone like the food or not. But all the food was gone. No leftovers which is good except for the corn and potatoes.

Mom was so worried they couldn't get the fire to start. Philip was trying and finally managed to get it up with Suresh help. Both we the cooks of the evening. It was hard trying to get the fire up as it was so windy and started to drizzle. But they did...kudos!!! So we started to to get the food rolling. The marshmallows and burgers were a hit! Next time must buy more of those and less meat.Kept praying for it to rain the afternoon around 3.30 which I was very happy. Thought it was done raining but it continue on with baby rain through the whole evening. We placed some dried chili around the area, suppossedly to keep the rain away. It work alright to keep it from pouring heavily but not good enough as it was still drizzling. Next time got to put it earlier around the pool area. You can see from the pic that we didn't have a cover over the top but use umbrellas as shade...innovative right we malaysian.

I got really cool presents too. Got alot of wine from friend (Chan, Francis,Jamie, Ee Ling & Tzu Ming) and got Champagne from Sze wye all think I'm alcoholic :P Pillow cases - Beauty and the Beast (Hisham and Jenny), jewellry (Pearl Necklace from Grace and Angela, Bracelet and Earings from Lee Yen and Rene), book (Life of Pi from Alvin), Purse (Karima), Magic 8 Ball (Suresh and Adila), Vase (Madeliene & Wee Heng), Chocolates (Jin Aun & Wife), musical ball (Ivan) and Scooby mug from (Fiona, Leona and Vicky). Thank you all for the lovely gift. Very very nice and thoughtful of you.

Overall, I had fun. Was great to be able to share this special day with love ones, family and friends. Thank you for not throwing me into the pool in my nice BI dress.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My cousins Ivan's Dog - Jacky

Yesterday I went over to my Grandma's House and my cousin got himself a walk-in dog a couple of days ago. He name him Jacky. Silly me I was so terrified of the little puppy. He's however quite docile, don't bark and quite playful. Later Jacky was making noise, guess he was a bit thirty gave him water, which he drank. But then he started splashing water on himself, weird right so we thought he must be hot and decided to give him a shower. hehe first time ivan has a pet and also taking responsibility of it.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Care Bears :)

My all time favorite cartoon...saw pictures of them at my sis blog and it reminded so much of my childhood. Remember those days, watching them cartoons. Now the theme song is stuck in my head. Can't seem to get it out. hahahaha and trying to name all them bears...but I finally got them right. Here goes!

Tender Heart Bear

Funshine Bear

Good Luck Bear

Grumpy Bear

Wish Bear

Love-a-lot Bear

Cheer Bear

Friend Bear
Bedtime Bear

Share Bear

Monday, September 04, 2006

Amanda N Steve Setera's Wedding Sept 2, 2006

The wedding dinner was held at Top Hats on Jln Kia Peng. Nice little restaurant plus after the dinner...performance by a live jazz band. We all had fun at the wedding. I was very blessed and honoured to be sitting at the same table as the Lamas. Also, first time having a vegetarian fine dinning dinner.

Here are some of the wedding photo's taken at the wedding. Enjoy!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Chief Rev K. Sri Dhammananda

After our Karaoke Session got a message from Alvin that Chief Rev has passed away peacefully at SJMC at 12.42pm. The first thing that came to mind is that he no longer has to suffer. Free from suffering and the good thing is that he choosed a good day to leaves us too. 31st August 2006 - MERDEKA DAY!

Rev Dhammananda was born on March 18, 1919, in southern Sri Lanka. He came to Malaya on Jan 2, 1952, to administer to the needs of the Buddhist community here. I feel very blessed that I had a chance to learn buddhist teaching from him even though it was only for 3 years. He has thought us so much about the Dhamma and the Buddhist way of life. Even though I call myself a Buddhist but I don't really know what it means to be a Buddhist. His teaching has tought me to practise more loving kindness, patience and understanding of Buddhism. Will definately miss his Dhamma Talks on Fridays, we managed to catch his last talk couple of months back which was really touching and inspriring too.

Yesterday after our dinner, we stop by the Mahavihara Temple in Brickfields to pay our last respect to the Chief. May he rest in peace and may he be well and happy.

Karaoke Merdeka Celebration

Since Tracy is back here on holiday...we decided to go on a Karaoke Trip. QL, Tracy, PL and I went. We had a blast singing our hearts out. We went during the K-Lunch special. Quite affordable RM12.00 from 11am-2pm. Its cool cause you get food and the best of all sing sing sing. Sang English, Chinese, Malay and Japanese Songs. We put in so many songs that we were unable to sing them all, we had almost 30 songs left on cue but sad to say they turned it off "nomoreadi".

After our Karaoke Session, we head on back over to my place where we swam in the pool till it rained on us. We did some aqua aerobics that's was quite fun. Then dinner at Fukuru in Desa Petaling. PL says I ate so much and ate like a babi hutan. Hehehe me and food :) yummy yummy yummy

TNB Substation "Pow Cha" at Pantai

Woke up was trying to check email and update blog. At around 9am suddenly black out no electricity. I thought it was strange but didn't bother much about it. Was getting ready to go Karaoke with QL and Tracy. As we were leaving the apartment. The neighbour told us that the sub station next to the carpark exploded and caught fire. Would take some time to mend before we got electricity back. Scarry man. Smoke everyone and a very strong burnt smell coming out from the carpark. All the cars were ok. Fireman and security guards were trying to put the fire and controlling traffic in and out of the area. Should have taken pics of what happen but was rushing out so i didn't.

When we got back later, electricity was restored with mobile gen sets. Thank got for back up gen sets. Don't know how long it would take to repair the damage. I must say that TNB quiet the efficient. And on behalf of all of us here at Pantai...Thank you!
"You light up my life :)"