Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Shopping time for baby stuff

I'm been looking around and feeling rather overwhelmed with all the baby stuff out there. Man there's so much choices, in a way its good (spoiled for choices) but on the other hand too many to choose from, not too sure where to begin. I guess the most important is to make a checklist of important stuff and start from there.

We went shopping around and found this shop in Hartamas Shopping called Bebehaus, the guy was really friendly and helped us understand lots of things from strollers, car seats to milk making tea (for breast feeding). We learned a lot and found him very helpful.

Baby Checklist
Feeding :
Feeding Bottles & Teats
Teat & Bottle Brush
Pacifier & Pacifier Holder
Bottle Cleanser/Detergent
Bottle Tongs
Breast Pump
Breastmilk Storage Containers/Bags
Electric Bottle & Food Warmer
Nursing Tops
Nursing Bras
Breast/Nursing pads
Nursing Pillows/Supports
Nipple Cream
Cooler Bag & Cooling Aids
Formula Milk Container/Dispenser
Thermos Flask
Warmer Bag

Nursery :
Baby Cot
Playpen / Playard (Optional)
Mattress - Latex / Fibre / Foam
Mattress Protector / Waterproof Pads
Bedding Co-ordinates (Cot Bumpers, Fitted Sheets, Comforters, Pillow & Bolsters)
Chest Of Drawers

Clothings :
Tops & Pants / Rompers / Sleep Suits
Mittens & Booties
Receiving Blankets / Thermal Blankets / Swaddling Blankets

Bathing & Grooming :
Bath Tub
Bath Seat / Bath Bed / Bath Net
Wash Cloths / Sponges
Toiletries (Baby Bath, Baby Oil/Lotion, Baby Powder etc)
Bath Towels
Cotton Wool Balls / Swabs
Cotton Buds
Baby Comb & Brush
Baby Nail Clipper / Scissors
Bath Thermometer (Optional)
Tummy Binders
Nasal Aspirator / Cleaner

Changing & Diapering :
Changing Table & Changing Mat
Baby Wipes
Disposable Diapers / Nappies & Nappy Liners
Diaper Rash Cream / Barrier Cream
Safety Pins / Nappy Fasterners

Travelling Necessities :
Stroller / Pram
Car Seat
Baby Carrier
Nursery Bag With Foldable Changing Mat
Sunshades (Optional)

Safety & Monitoring :
Baby Monitor
Baby Thermometer

Laundry :
Nappy / Clothes Detergent
Nappy / Clothes Softeners
Clothes Hangers
Laundry Basket (Optional)

Stimulating Toys :
Black & White Soft Toys / Flash Cards
Play Gym
Musical Mobiles / Rattling Toys

Wow got to start shopping real soon. Can't wait.