Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

Hope this new year brings you, Hope for a bright future, Affection and Love, Peace for the heart
Prosperity that's unlimited, Year round fun!

Here's wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Little Hoong Yann's First Christmas :)

This year is baby's first Christmas, we didn't do much but it was somewhat a busy day for us. The night before we had dinner with mama and came home later change into my pee jays (sponsored by Aunty Linli). The next morning, got up early and had my bath and changed into my Christmas outfit (also sponsored by Aunty Linli). I look so cute in it. especially with the reindeer hat. After my nap, mummy and Aunty Leona took me to Aunty Yen's Christmas Party!!!! I guess I was still sleepy so I was fussing a lot and then knocked out there, even though the place was so happening and noisy. I slept the whole journey back :P

Once we got home, I played with Grandma and for the first time I was able to laugh out loud (chuckle chuckle all the way). Also Grandma made me wear her wig, this is me with lots and lots of hair. How do I look?



Reminds mummy of Aunty Chin Synn Lynn when she was a baby lol :P

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Wish List :)

All mummy want for Christmas this year is

1. Isabel to be more independent and can play on her own
2. Isabel to not use mummy as a human pacifier
3. Isabel to sleep on her own and by herself
4. Isabel to let my mummy go to Japan Trip in March
5. Daddy able to put Isabel to sleep on his own :P

Friday, December 19, 2008

New videos of Isabel

Mummy says its important for me to have some tummy time everyday. so I can build strong tummy muscle :P

My teeth are coming out, i'm drooling a lot and love blowing bubbles. I also like to suck my fingers and hands :P yummy yummy

I can talk a lot now, can make special squealing sound :P my fav nursery rhymes - twinkle twinkle little star and itsy bitsy spider. I can sing along with mommy and try to follow with my hands too.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lots and Lots of Presents

This Christmas, I received lots and lots of presents from my Aunties :P

This one from Aunty Fiona - Ralph Lauren Polo Dress and a White Cotton Dress :)

This big box came from Aunty Chinini lots of goodies in side :)

my reindeer hat :P will wear the whole outfit on Christmas day

I especially like this one....5 little piggies :P


Christmas Shopping

After goin home and taken my bath, mommy and daddy decided to go out to do some Christmas Shopping. We headed over to the Curve then to 1Utama in the evening. I love being pushed around in my stroller and love going 'kai kai' a lot :P

Pindipata at Brickfields Temple

This is my first time back to the temple since I was born. Mummy and daddy dragged me out of bed on Sunday to go the temple. I was at my best behavior till the whole ceremony started. When it was finally our turn, I was crying lots. It was really a hot morning and i missed my bath time. Right after the ceremony, we went to the main shrine hall to get blessing from the monk. The monk said that I'm very fierce as I was making a fuss while he was doing the blessing :P
Anyhow, once we got into the car and on the way home I was ok :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm 3 Months Old

Times really does fly and I'm growing bigger n bigger by the day. I'm 3 months old now. My colicky episodes are gone but I still cry and fuss a lot. I can also do more stuff now

  • smile in response to your smile
  • can talk "coo coo more"
  • make razz sound
  • lift head on stomach 45 degree
  • grasp fingers
  • bring both hands together
  • squeal in delight
  • able to stand on both legs with mummy's help
  • can sit upright on mummy's lap
  • able to put hands into mouth and suck
Mummy thinks she heard me laugh out loud 2 days ago. She's been trying to get me to laugh again so that she can video me :P but not yet lor Mummy is also waiting for the time when I can fall asleep on my own and not depend on mummy to put me to sleep.

Merry Christmas and Ho Ho Ho

"You better watch out!
You better not cry!
You better not pout I'm tell you why?
Isabel is coming to town!!!"

Both my parents bought this cute reindeer band from Tesco and they made me wear it :P Evil Parents hehehehe Anyhow, would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas from the three of us here :P Happy Holidays !!!!

My first Holiday - Damai Laut Resort

Daddy had some time off and decided that we should go on a family trip to either Pangkor Island or Cameron Highlands. So mummy was in charge of finding a place so that we can go on my first holiday. It's raining season now and also school holidays, mummy had a tough time finding accommodation in Cameron at this last minute trip. Pangkor Island was also fully booked. So the next best choice was Damai Laut. Near the sea and not too far away from home.

We left Thurs morning around noon. Daddy's car was packed with all my stuff :P We had lunch at the Sg. Buloh Jejantas before we headed off to Lumut. Traffic was ok, I slept all the way there. Took us about 3 and a half hours to reach Damai. Our room was really nice, I even had my own bed :) I also love taking bath in the long bath tub. I had so much fun that I didn't want to get out hehehe was fussing alot when mummy took me out. Mummy and daddy also took me to the beach but I was so sleepy that morning I slept thru the scenic walk.

Daddy n Mummy had dinner at a nearby Seafood Restaurant called Hailam Seafood Restaurant. Food there was really good and reasonable. It was really nice to spend so much time with daddy and mummy. We should do it more often :)

Weekend Trip to Penang

Aunty Leona - Drifting Donut :P

2 weeks ago, my mom decided to drive to Penang as Leona had a Red Bull Event there. So my mom asked if I wanted to tag along, bring baby to see Grandpa and also Grand Uncle and Aunty in Penang. Since, Phil had lots of program on in the weekend, I decided to tag along. Only had like 3 hours to pack stuff before my mom came to pick us up. The whole car was filled pretty much with all baby stuff. It's like moving house :P

We left around 7pm, was rather jam and it started to rain too. Isabel sat in her car seat less than 30 mins before making a huge fuss. The whole journey there both my mom and I carried her as she slept thru till we got to Penang at Midnight.

We stayed at Ah Nyeong place as it was easier, both my mom and aunt can help me take care of her. My MIL was in India. Must thank cousin Sze Wye for giving up his room. Baby slept ok but I guess had hard time adjusting, since she cried alot. I guess new schedule and place didn't agree so well with her. But overall, managed ok. The very next day we met Grandpa for dinner at "5 STAR", unfortunately...she fuss fuss again :( mummy sad cause couldn't calm her down. Found out the reason she was fussing was that she wanted to poop but couldn't until we got back.

I love to see the world pass me by n also love sucking my hands :)

We left Monday after lunch. We had lunch in Island Glades and then we pop over to see Grandpa before taking off. During our ride home, she slept thru till we reach back KL. Her daddy misses her alot that weekend, although he had some quite time alone :) We will visit Penang soon probably end of the year to see the Grandparents again.

Nagomi Restaurant

Philip has always wanted to take there to eat. The last attempt didn't turn out so well, bad service from the Hartamas Branch. This time we tried at the new Jaya 33 outlet. Food was yummy...very hot I must say since its shabu shabu. Was great to eat sashimi again :) The only thing was we could eat all together. We had to take turns as baby was fussing alot. But we managed ok :) We finally got her to sleep in the end. Phew!!!! what a night!!