Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Merdeka Day!!!

Malaysia is now 49 years old. Yeah!!! Merdeka!!!Merdeka!!! Merdeka!!!

Last night while watching the live telecast of the Merdeka Celebration I was so embarassed and sad. We are supposed to be proud of Malaysia and for what it has acheived but after watching it, it made me more depressed. It really seems like we are moving backwards instead of forward. The performances and shows were not even up to standard, its so sad to see what Malaysia has sucome too. I did however get to see loads of fireworks from parts of Klang Valley from my apartment, especially from Genting Highlands.

I really love this country, the food is the best...can't help it but I'm a big food lover, love to eat. Then the unity, peace and harmony of this country. I believe that we can be a better nation and we have great potential to world class but lots needs to be done. No matter what, I still have hope that we will continue to grow and better developed nation.

Afternoon Tea at Delicious

I had tea with my friend Chan at Delicious. He got me a nice gift...chocolates. Nicely wrap in a box so sweet. We had Lemon Meringue Pie, Scones, Coffee and Tea. It's really nice to be appreciated by friends. Life is short, so we need to enjoy the little things in life more and cherish all our loves ones and friends.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Phuket Island - Family Trip 2006

Last minute trip to Phuket even though it was raining most of the time turn out to be a fun trip. First time flying out of the new low cost airport by air asia, looks kinda like a big warehouse or gudang. Surprisingly we didn't have much delay only 15 mins. We all had nasi lemak on the plane...RM 12.00 per box (nasi lemak, tea and free kit kat). By the time we got into Phuket it was evening. After checking into the hotel in Allamanda Phuket Laguna, we went not island hoping but hotel hoping around the resort. Seeing that we were in Thailand, we all wanted to eat authentic Thai Cuisine and ended up at Ruen Thai in Dusit Laguna for dinner. In this resort, there's many hotels and one of the best one was Banyan Tree Phuket. Lovely decor, very zenish reminds me of Datai in Langkawi. I like Dusit the best...nice beach front.

The next morning, after the rain we hop onto to the free shuttle and headed onto Laguna Beach. Only got to spend 15 mins on the beach before the storm came in and we got more rain. Next we decided to rent a car to see the Phuket, I've been here before but that was like 10 years ago. I guess alot has changed since then. We got a VIOS and I drove while Leona navigated. We stop at Tesco to buy some grocery for breakfast and then had lunch there. Next we went to the mall called Central Festival. Huge mall probably like 1 Utama minus new wing. Next we went to Wat Chalong the famous temple there. The most strking thing is that they were putting firecrackers into this little hut, offering by devotees. So QL, got one small one for 30 baht and it was cool. The atmosphere plus the smell of firecrackers really reminded us of chinese new year and how much we miss the them.

It was really nice to drive around the island, we passed by Kata Beach, Patong (Tsunami Area) now all newly rebuild. Looks alot like Gurney Drive in Penang, beach also looks the same and the shops reminds me so much of Petaling Street. Cheaper in KL everything here so expensive. While driving up to Kamala beach, pass by the Tsunami Monument Burial Ground.

Had dinner at Pan Yaah, another seafood place...lovely food too. We all love fell in love with the Tom Yam Soup. Vicky who didnt like Thai food was enjoying her dinner.
I think the best attraction of our trip was the trip to Phuket Fantasea. Mini Disneyland plus Las Vegas Shows. Got there at 7.15pm collected out tickets and proceed inside this fantasy land. Shops all around selling souvenirs and gifts. There also elephant ride and feeding the elephants too. I was so scared but managed to go close and feed them bananas and sugar canes. Show started at 9pm before that we all had to surrender our cameras and phones before entering the main theater. The show was FANTASTICO!!! Really had a wonderful time.

The next day, still rainin so our plans to go to the beach was very much out of the question. So we decided to head back to Patong, this time to get some Thai Massage and do some shopping before we leave.

We checked out at 2 pm and our taxi driver came to take us to the airport. Arrived back home safely at 6.15 pm. We all had fun, next year got to plan and see where we'llo go off too next.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My New Laptop - M5N Asus Notebook

After a research and contemplation plus looking high and low at low yatt plaze on sunday, I've decided to get the M5N Asus Notebook. It's pearl white in color like the ibook. Great features: 1GB DDR2 RAM, 60 GB HDD, DVD Rewritable Drive, 1.55KG, 12.1in TFT, WIFI plus card reader. Standard features. The thing I like about it is white in color, small, compact and light.

The frustrating this is that I planned to get it during the PC Fair but was not able to do so. So when right after that to Low yatt the following week, no stock so weird. The whole of low yatt dont have so upsetting. The next day my good friend Suresh called me to notify me that Low yatt is having a notebook sale starting on Mon till end of the month and the notebook that I was eyeing on is on sale. Guess where??? Low yatt of course. Man this time, rush down to town got and came back home. Got a really good deal on it too. Am really happy to have gotten it at last.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

James & Dai's Wedding 12-8-06

A week after their wedding in San Jose, my good buddy James is back here to throw his Malaysian style wedding. I can't believe that he's "married" now. But I'm really happy for the both of them. They are such a compatible and lovely couple. May you guys grow old and happy together. Am really looking forward to seeing the new addition soon to the list. Dinner was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in town (Old KL Hilton), 30th floor...all the way on the top. Food was great. We all had a splendid time. Was great to meet up with Yin Min who came all the way from Belfast to attend the wedding. Haven't seen him for such a long time, I hardly recognize him. Here are some of the pictures taken at the wedding dinner. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Colourful sunset

Today outside my mom's house, the sky was very colourful. Have not really seen good sunsets in town only in near the beaches. But today's one was really nice.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My attempt at flower arrangements

Hehehe Philip bought flowers for me :) But they were all raw roses. I had to de-thorn them and try my bit at flower arranging. Not too for my first attempt. Whatcha think?