Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas in Penang

Penang here we come....PL decided to drive his car up. I was worried if his car would make it there in piece but too out surprise it did. We detour and took the ferry across from Butterworth. It's been quite a while since I sat on a ferry, its was really exciting and fun. Felt abit "jakun" but who cares. It cost more than the bridge too RM7.50 but it was worth it.
Also as soon as we arrive, went straight down to Swatow Lane for Ice Kacang. Famous Ice Kacang, he's even appeared many times on discovery travel and living.

Christmas Time is here....ho ho ho. It was a short and sweet holiday, we had loads of fun back home. Managed to spend quality time with PL and his father. We visited the new Queensbay Mall in Bayan Lepas. This new mall reminds me alot of 1Utama, MidValley and BTS (combination of all 3 malls) Huge huge parking place...main tenant - JUSCO and many other branded stores. Christmas Tree at Queensbay Mall

We had dinner at Johnny's Steamboat the first nite we arrive. Then on Christmas day which coincidently Uncle's birthday, I wanted to take him to TGIF to celebrate. Being Christmas day, the restaurant was super packed and menu was very limited as it was very new too. So we adjourn to Manhattan Fish Market for lunch....I must say we had a scrumptous meal. I bought a mini cake for him and surprised him when we got back. He received lots of goodies and present too.

Also am very proud of myself, I woke up early together with PL and his dad we went for morning walk 2 days in a row at Botannical Garden. This is to prepare for our long awaited holiday to Siem Rep - Angkor Wat. Looking forward to it....can't wait.