Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm now 6 months old

I’m still a tiny little baby. Weighing just under 6kg, 5.9kg to be exact. I’m 65cm long now. Doc says I’m a healthy and active baby. Took my jabs again, didn’t fuss again. I can turn from side to side now and also able to sit up (still wobbly). I’m trying to communicate with my mummy and daddy (baby talk) but don’t think they quite understand me yet. I have a pair of teeth on the bottom gums waiting to come out. Sometimes I get real fussy and cranky when they hurt. Lately, my sleep patterns have been quite erratic, its driving my parents crazy. I don’t really like sleeping. I can stand up tall with support and crawl on my tummy. I’ve now started to eat solids and my poo poo is very very sticky and stinky too. I’m growing up fast and strong.

International Hot Air Balloon Fest 2009

I missed going out to take photos. Since this is the first time Malaysia plays host to the Hot Air Balloon Fest, we decided to go check it out last weekend. It was a really hot hot evening, sun was blaring away. It took us quite fast to get to Putrajaya on the new MEX highway. Once we got there, it was a madhouse. The whole place was jammed pack. I guess everyone had nothing better to do and was all out at the same time. We saw lots of families with kids and also photo enthusiast. We were quite lucky and managed to find parking nearby. We managed to grab a quick bite before the event started. It was supposed to start at 5.45pm but it only started close to 6.30pm.

It’s really cool to see the balloon take off. It did take them a while to get the balloon up and flying away. Was really looking forward to see the Elephant balloon, but was sad that it didn’t manage to take off as it was way too late to fly then. My favorite was the orange balloon J Here’s some of the photo’s I managed to take of the balloons.

Lightning Storm!

It's been raining a lot lately, and the storms been crazy. So I decided to try my hand on taking lightning photos. Wasn't too sure how to take them but after playing around with the camera we finally figured it out. So here's the 2 best shot we've got.

Friday, March 27, 2009

AJ 62nd Polka Dot B'day Party

This year's theme is Polka Dot! We had so much fun, especially dotting everyone plus playing Wii at the party.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My First Solid Food

I've been waiting a long while to eat now. Mummy and daddy has been tempting me with their food but never ever let me try. Finally the long awaited moment has arrived, I get to taste what solid food taste like. It's actually quite yummy. Both mummy and daddy took turns trying to feed me. I ate about 10 spoons full :) Looking forward to taste more good food. So far, I've tried some bread and I like it a lot. Plus 2nd weeks menu was carrot....yum. Next week some sweet potatoes and maybe peas.

2nd Invitation B'day Party

Isabel got invited to another b'day party. This time is Dolly's daughter 2 year old party. The theme of the party...ELMO'S WORLD :P Baby had fun but kinda spooked out by the red giant Elmo. The best thing is that she like the balloon. Something new :)

My first play date

Our first play date with Aunty Sewei and her kids. Aunty Sewei baked healthy choc chip cookies. While the kids play play. It's good fun. We should do this more often :)

Swim Time

Isabel loves the water :) So far she's been in the pool quite a few times now. Also, ever since mummy got her new camera (Olympus Tough 8000) by the way, damn cool camera I must say... now we can take pics in the pool and underwater. Here are some of the photo shots.