Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Uncle Patrick - Birthday

Here Uncle Patrick and the Sponge bob gang.... Surprise!!!!

It's been a while almost year end now...

Birthday cake from my hubby

Wine from Linli
Golden Egg from Benson
Street Food book from Mom and Sisters :)

It's been a while since I last wrote here. Right after the Merdeka day was busy with Wedding preparations. Sending invites, managing and arranging stuff for the Blessing Day as well as the Big Day. Oh ya not forgetting, renovation of new home which took up alot of my time. But am glad how it turn out :) Even Birthday celebration was put on hold. For wedding pics please see my other website ya. Also pics of Kim Lee/Uncle Patrick. I saw these dolls at the mall couldn't resist getting it for him. It's really cool. I guess that's all the pics I have on me now. My camera was just stolen a couple of days back in Bali and I didn't transfer out the pics and therefore from Sept to Dec...most pics are all gone now. Only in my memory.