Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Videos of Isabel

This is Isabel Cruising and Standing in her cot.

This is Isabel Crawling in Grandma's House.

I'm 8 Months Old!

2 Weeks ago I fell sick...no its not the H1N1 A Virus but Roseola. Had high fever for 3 days then followed by rashes all over my body. At the same, both my bottom teeth came piercing out too. Even though I was sick, I was still very active and kept mummy and daddy up. This is the first time I got sick and I was really cranky and cried a lot. My gum's hurts a lot so mummy applied Greenzhi on it to make it better :)

I love eating mommy's porridge especially with the pork in them...yum yum! I eat more now and sleep a bit more cause I'm crawling all over the place, plus I love to stand and cruise on the furniture. I've also started to sit on the walker but the only thing I can drive it is backwards :P

I love my Mickey Mouse and love watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse :) Can't wait for Daddy and Mummy to take me to Disneyland to see Mickey in person. YEAH!!!

But most all I love to SWIM!!! Luckily the weather has been quite warm and I have been going down to the pool more often. My aunties also came over recently to swim with me :)