Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy 1 Year Wedding Anniversary

It's been a year now since we've gotten married. Where did the time go? A lot has happen in the past year. Right after our honeymoon last year in Bali, things started to move really fast as not too long after that I've gotten pregnant. And now a year later, we have a new addition to our family - Little Isabel Lim. The best anniversary present ever :)

Joys and Thrills of Motherhood

2 days old

With Daddy

Leaving the Hospital

12 days old (Thinking Pose)

These are some of the pics I took of baby Isabel on my phone. Will update more when I get pics from SLR. Isn't she adorable. My gosh!! It's been only two weeks times fly. It feels really weird to suddenly see this person in front of you after 10 months of feeling it in your tummy. How a little one can really change your world. The world you new before will never be the same anymore. Everything will change :P

Friday, September 19, 2008

Our home has grown by two feet...

Two little hands,
Two little feet,
There is someone new for you to meet!

Our little one has finally arrived,
Beautiful, wonderful, lovely and bright,
Blooming with smiles and every delight.

We are deliriously happy to introduce our latest addition...


Born to us on September 12, 2008 @ Pantai Medical, Bangsar.

Weighing in at 6lbs and 50cm long.

Proud parents Philip and Adeline

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Moon Cake Festival

Looks like this year, I may have to spend Moon cake Festival in the hospital. With only a few days left, baby may choose to come then. Anyhow, just had my first moon cake today...with double yolk from Tai Thoong. Courtesy of my hubby's vendor. Btw, as I was opening the packaging guess what, its HALAL!!! Wow first time leh! Now everyone can also enjoy the moon cake! Yeay!

Gossip Girl

Linli suggested that I watch this new show called Gossip Girl. It was very intriguing at the the beginning. Lots of scandals and gossip, hahaha totally a chick drama. And since I have some time to kill, decided to check it out. Now hook to it. Only a few more episode to the end of season one.

I'm beginning not to like Jenny and Chuck, Love Dan and Serena they look so cute, but what's up with this new Buffy girl (evil evil woman). It was getting interesting and then she shows up to messed things up. Argh!!! Me no like!!! Blair was kinda mean and a total "B" but her character is really cool. Anyhow, better finish watching as baby is due soon. Hahaha still not here maybe wants mummy to watch finish the whole season first :P So cute!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Early Birthday Celebration - So old already ;P

Since it was only 1 day left to the due date, I decided that maybe I should celebrate my birthday early this year. Wanted to have a BBQ Bash but it seems that every time I try to plan one, the weather does not agree with me. So my mom and sis suggested we do lunch instead and since I've been craving for Peking duck the last 2 weeks we all decided to have some.

I surfed the web to find a good place to eat and with some luck we found a winner. Oriental Restaurant @ Jaya 33 serves a pretty good mean Peking Duck. That is the review of what I read online. So I made reservations, to have lunch there. Peking Duck cost RM68 for 2 orientation course. First the skin, then next we had duck fried rice. Yummy!!! Lastly, the top it off we had blueberry yogurt cake from cake-sense. Happy Birthday to ME!! Yeay! Mom said that after eating the duck, baby should be happy now and can come out d.

Well, today is due date and still no signs yet. So we wait patiently at home and see what happens in the next few days. Mummy in the mean time shall continue to nest, do laundry and watch TV.

More More Food Galore

Oh well, baby is still staying put comfortably in mummy's tummy. Been eating lots more last week trying to pack in as much food as I possibly can (appetite has reduced a lot).

Chili Pan Mee near Chow Kit

Oyster Pancake in Brickfields (Restoran Hoi Kee)

Another round of Honey Chipotle Chicken at Chilis

Tried Escargo for the first time (Victoria Station)- taste like chicken (YUM!)

Part 2 Dim Sum at Marco Polo :P This time had some room for dessert.
(Egg Tarts, Sea Coconut Logan and Tofu Logan)

Then wanted to try Shabu Shabu at Nagomi in Hartamas but a no service there sucks big time. First they made us wait for like 15 mins, ok la since they said they setting table. Next they showed us to our table, never ask if we wanted drinks or said they'll be back shortly to take order. Wave and tried to get their attention several times but no luck. It seems like we were ghost, not even there at all. So we decided to leave. As we were walking out, the server who sat us earlier, said thank you for coming. Duh!!! We didn't even eat yet, really got short term memory!!! Ah horrible experience. If any of you thinking of going there to eat...think twice ya. SERVICE REALLY SUCKS BIG TIME!!!! So we headed over to Modesto to eat Salmon Fettuccine Pasta and Pizza. Quite yummy!

This is pic of hubby waiting for some service....

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Clog Toilet in my study room

OMG!!!OMG!!! Yesterday evening, my toilet bowl started having bubbling sound @ around 5pm. Next thing you know it, there was grossed stuff coming out from the floor traps. An hour later we had a pool of water...dark chocolate one. Smells really bad too like shit. So I closed the door and right after we came back from dinner, the water level has risen almost to door level. The next morning, the mats that I have placed outside the door to prevent it from spilling over were all wet and the floors were starting to warped - actually warped d (which they "management" will have to fix now)

Early next morning, the guys from the management office came and poor Rosli and the worker had to clean the messed. Stinks of shit man, water in the morning has subsided. Apparently, the pipes seems to be stuck on the floor below and crap from people upstairs seems to be getting stuck in my toilet :(

So, after hours of checking...still no answers but we were told not to use the toilet for now until they can fix it the next day. However, my neighbors upstairs are either very inconsiderate or plain ignorant people (no cow sense)still taking their showers and doing their biz in there. As of 8.30pm today, it started to clog again. Called management to notify them...managed to stop it for a bit. Come home later after dinner and guess what...water level went up again. These people ah no consideration whatsoever. Makes me really mad to have such inconsiderate people as neighbors. We will have to see tom morning if the water level has drop or rise then we know how stupid these people can get. Am going to send a copy of this to apartment blog site too. ARGH!!! IDOITS!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Morning all

Just wondering if I really felt real contractions this morning. It hurt for a bit but went away. It really feels like #2 stomach ache. But nothing came out. Sorry for grossing you people out there but yeah...not too sure how its suppose to feel like. Anyhow, it happened a few times but that's it. 1. 5am, 2. 9am and 3. 4pm

Suresh called to have lunch, so we meet up. Had lunch at the Vietnamese noodles place again, hehehe sorry no pics was too hungry. Next time! Then we went over to my cousins place in Jln Gasing for some dessert - Red Velvet Cupcakes. Yummy Yummy Yummy!

Next we went to Jln Kuchai Lama to BBStore to pick up last minute items for baby which were still on sale. Cot Bumper, Brush and Comb Set and Bottle Brushes.

Came home, checked mail and guess what got a small package all the way from Ruti, Switzerland. It's a set of T-shirt (I Love Daddy and I Love Mommy). So cute and adorable. Thanks Karen, Nigel and the girls for the lovely gift. We love it!

Merdeka Weekend

Visited the doctors on Friday with my mom. It seems that baby still doesn't seem like it going to come out this weekend. Still gaining weight so doc say could be another week. So we shall wait and see, in the meantime just take it easy.

Also, Quant Lynn was called to the Malaysian Bar today and now is a LAWYER!!!! We went there early in the morning, waited quite long as the Judge (My Lord = Yang Arif) has not arrived. E-Ling and Partners were there too. Finally after waiting for 1/2 hours the judge came. QL was the last one to be called. The first 2 person who was called has really long biographies of them. The 3rd person, had some complications with his BM exemption seeing that he went to school in Brunei, there were moments of panic there. But luckily it got sorted out and it was ok. The Judge really had lots to comments and was adding his 2 cents worth here and there (making really smart ass remarks) but he was really a funny guy. After the CALL, we adjourned outside to do some cam-hording. All pics are on my mom's camera, will have to wait for QL or Vic to send them to me.

We then went to Dragon-i for lunch in Sunway. Siu Long Pao and the Dong Pau Pork was so good...really yummy but mom said Esquire one better. After lunch sent vicky off to school then off we went to run our errands. By the time I got home, I was beat! So took a nap and by the time I got up it was dinner time. So since we didn't want to go far, decided to try this new Chicken Rice place @ Solaris called Tseng Chicken Rice. It was ok only, not that great, I still prefer PJ Satelite Chicken Rice. The other thing about this place it is also very pricey. For the same amount I could have eaten twice in PJ. Definately overly priced. This would be the first and last of us eating there again.

The next day, we went to lunch at Kar Heong Vietnamese Nooddle place. Then decided to go to the Curve. Getting there was a nightmare....jam like hell. Decided to try Midvalley also no luck. So came home and rest. In the evening, went to Chilis for dinner. We ordered the bottomless tostada chips, cajun chicken sandwich and the new "CRISPY HONEY-CHIPOTLE CHICKEN CRISPERS". Guess what happened...we ended up just sharing the new crispy chicken and had to doggie bag the cajun sandwich. It was just too yummy. Is a must try item. I absolutely LOVED it! Must order with mash potatoes...does not go too well with fries.

On Merdeka morning, decide to have Dim sum. So we had our breakfast at Jln Ipoh quite dissapointed as they only had the steam stuff. No fried dim sum. It was also expensive. Right after breakfast, we head on over to Curve & Ikano (needed to pick up breast pump accessories there) jalan-jalan for a bit since I'll be stuck at home for the rest of the week. On the way home stop by Village Grocer to pick up some groceries. Dinner we had fried noodles and fried rice at the back. Phil like the Yee Mee and Bee Hon Cantonese Fried Style :P

Next morning, we met my mom and sis for Dim Sum again but this time at Marcopolo Restaurant in Wisma Lim Foo Yong. Food was better than Jln Ipoh, more variety. Also as Hong Leong Credit Card holder, got promotion some more 50% off for Dim Sum on Sat and Public Hols for the month of Sept. Great Deal! If only we have known would have ordered more :P

All malls were quite packed, so we decided to stop by Hartamas Shopping Complex to see if the baby cot is ready. Nope still not ready yet....looks like it will take another week. Came home rested and as usual have to take my nap. Dinner time we went to Endoichi opposite Garden International for some Japanese food. I had unagi yummy!

Came home just in time to watch house and called it the night. This whole weekend was just about shopping and eating :P