Friday, September 18, 2009

Cameron Highlands Family Trip 2009

The day right after the party, daddy decided that we should take a family trip with Grandpa and Grandma to Cameron Highlands. Since Isabel loves the cold weather, we decided to take her on her first vacation there. We stayed at Strawberry Park Resort (they had a promotion going on). 3bedroom apt, cosy and nice. We left around 10 ish stop in Bidor for lunch then took us about another 45 mins to reach Tanah Rata. By the time we got there it was time for tea. So we decided to stop by Bala's for some tea and scones. Right after tea we checked into the hotel. We all rested for a bit before heading out again to dinner at Hongkong Restaurant - Steamboat dinner. Food was nice :) The weather that nice was brrrr....cold, just perfect!

Isabel playing while we had tea at Bala's

Day2 - we had breakfast at the hotel. Isabel tried all sorts of food - porridge, pancakes, scones and muffins. She like them all. After breakfast we headed out for some sight seeing. Stop at the butterfly farm first. Isabel had real fun looking at the butterflies come to live. We were about to head out to the Boh Tea Plantations but was told that they close on Mondays. Next we went to checked out the market near Equatorial Hotel. Then over to Raju's Strawberry Farm, there I met Oi Ti classmate from high school. Isabel loves strawberry and the aunty there gave her a whole bunch to eat, she was really happy. Strawberry for lunch! On the way down we stop by Cactus world to see some nice cactus. It was starting to pour, so we headed back to hotel. Isabel took her nap while the rest of rested and chill out. Since we didn't have our lunch, we decided to have an early dinner. This time we head on over to Brinchang to try out some hot hot charcoal steamboat. Food was again fantastic.

Day 3 - We got up early to take Grandma and Grandpa to the bus stop. They are heading back to Penang today. After we drop them off, we headed back to the hotel for breakfast. We changed, packed and got ready to head out close to check out time. Daddy had some problems getting my carseat out, so it took a while before we checked out. We head over to Raju's to pick up some Strawberries, then over to the Boh Tea Farm. Isabel had fun running around. Took some really nice shots of her. Right after that we did some light shopping, stop by Cameron Valley Bharat Tea shop from some tea and scones before we headed back down, this time using the old Tapah road. It took so much longer and it was raining quite a bit too. Finally got home, Isabel slept most of the journey back down. Was really glad she did, if not she'll be making lots of fuss and moving about in the car :( Overall, we had fun, next trip next week Chiang Mai. Woohooo Thailand here we come!!!

Isabel wearing jacket given to her from Chun Chieh - she look so cool in it :)

Pics of us at the Sg. Palas Boh Tea Farm

Isabel is 1 Years Old n Party Party Celebration

Hooray!!! Our little girl has finally turn 1. She has grown so much in the last 12 months, its unbelievable. She's no longer a baby now, she's a little toddler now. My baby is all grown up :P
Am still breastfeeding the little girl, still unable to wean her. She's so much more demanding now, she knows how to lift my shirt for milk and in the mornings will bring mickey or domo over for me to feed them and then she will yank them away and help herself to milk. Too cheeky!

She's on a more regular schedule now, she gets her naps twice a day and she goes to bed early less cranky then before. The new thing is she's learning how to throw tantrums and when she gets really 'mung' she will come over and bite me. Bad Bad Girl! Must learn how to control this before it get out of hand. She also know how to use her to cry's to demand for things.
She still bites on anything and everything. Its scary cause she'll put just about anything in her mouth. She has another 2 more teeth now. Total 8 now. More teething blues to come...She's walking really steady now, have yet to visit the doc for her 12 month old check up and to get her inoculations.

Isabel with her balloons and party hat!

Isabel with Cousin Yi Shyian

Isabel mingling with her guest

We celebrated her birthday with some her friends Ning Shan, Wei Tjen, Reka, Sophie-Ana, Oscar, Alyssa and cousin Yi shyian. We had a small gathering of family and friends with their kids, mainly a kids party. She had so much fun playing with everyone, dancing to lady gaga and playing with balloons. Had lovely cake from Patisserie Rui - Mickey mouse creations! Very very lovely. The kids like it alot!

Isabel with Mama and Popo

Happy birthday to me n mummy!

Party ended quite early, kids were all getting cranky :P Thank god for my sisters, they did a good job helping to clean up. Thank you thank you thank you for making Isabel 1st birthday party a success! Thank everyone for coming and for all the lovely gifts!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Family Photoshoot!!!

We decided to take a family portrait of the 3 of us. Since she'll be turning 1 soon we thought it would be nice to have photos of us together as a family. Had friend come over to take some shots for us. This is the result of it. Was really difficult to take pictures as Isabel didn't want to stay still and moving about a lot. Am glad we had some nice pics after all.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Chin Family Outting at Sunway Lagoon

Isabel with Grandma

It was a public holiday for Selangor and all of us were free. Mom had some free tickets to Sunway Lagoon, so we all decided to make it trip there. It's been a while since I last went there (almost like over 10 years) so old man. I remember those Salem Celebrations days when we would get like free passes to go. We spent almost 4 hours there, weather was really nice. Isabel had a blast at the wave pool. We all got a bit of tan, my poor girl will be so dark for her 1st birthday :P
Mummy n Isabel in the wave pool

We also had loads of fun on the rides especially on the spinning cup. Fiona and Vic was going super crazy on it. After all the fun and games we were super hungry, head over to Sunway Pyramid for some before heading home. The little one was so beat that she slept the whole journey home.
Sister Sister