Monday, February 26, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Cai - 2007 in Penang

We left on Saturday Morning to Penang at 4am. It took us like 4 hours to get from KL to Ipoh. In between there was 2 major accidents. Bus and another bus slammed onto one another and 5 car pile up near Ipoh. We thought leaving so early in the morning would be a great idea but who knew I guess everyone had the same notion as well. Oh well we got there finally in one piece close to lunch time. I dropped Phil off and headed to meet up with my family at my Aunt's house in Minden Heights.

We had our reunion dinner at Forum Chinese Restaurant in Island Plaza thanks to Mandy's father. We managed to get a table there for dinner. The food was scrumptous and very unique. We all enjoyed the food and also the weird curry dal dessert we had (in actually fact is made our of mango but it looks like dal). Here are some of the pics taken that night.

Next Check out the food man.....

Yee Sang
Seafood Herbal Soup
Cod Fish and Prawns
Piggy Hand with Mantao Seacucumber and Ablone
Salmon Roe Fried Rice
Mango Mix Fruit Pudding

Monday, February 12, 2007

Adila Birthday Dinner @ Strawberry Field

Yesterday was Adila's Birthday!! Happy Birthday Girl! Hope you had a blast at your surprise party on Sat and hope you also have fun last nite. War Wei came up wtih this game where she had to guess her birthday present. It was kinda cool, funny and at the same time kind mean.

Adila made her first guess (cake) and it was wrong so she had to chew down on some chili padi. She was hissing so bad as it was burning. Poor girl! Next guess was still wrong, she had to light Suresh a cigarette, then it was my turn and she guess nighty....eeehhhh wrong answer. This time I had her go to the table behind us with 2 guys sitting there and she had to get their phone no. and names. She did it, kudos to her. Next she guess baju, very close. So she was saved from doing the cat walk Thomas suggested. It was actually a t-shirt. I gave her a set of purple candles.

Suresh and the rest sang "Lady in Red" which was so cool and dedicated it to her since she was all dress up in red.

Part 2 Eye of Malaysia

This weekend we stopped by Taman Titiwangsa again. To see the fireworks. I will youtube the fireworks. Damn nice man....more spectacular than the first time I went, this time got laser show as well. It was madness to get there, we had to park really far but am glad we did managed to find parking all the way behind Istana Budaya. If you guys have not seen the Eye of Malaysia yet you should go before it ends on Feb 25.