Thursday, May 25, 2006

Grease the Musical 18-5-06

Bought tickets a while back, got some great discount being a maxis one club member. Got there on time had dinner at the food court of KLCC Convention Center. My first time there, must check out aquaria next. It looks real nice. Got great seats for the show center row upstairs. We had a very interesting show. One aunty sat in front of us having a ball, dancing and singing along with the cast. More fun watching her than the musical. I was rather dissapointed as the singers weren't all that good. The singing was rather lousy, didnt quite enjoy it that much. I have seen better musical. Pygmillion the local musical at KL Perfoming Center was much better.


My mom gave me this plant she got from a friend. Just a tiny little cactus plant but it has grown so big and huge that I need new pots and trays now. Its been blossoming like crazy with new babies everyday. I guess I've been feeding too much "Lingzhi Lu Chun Cha" and its growing wild now. I can soon start my own nursery and sell them and make some money. Here's a picture of the plant now. Big leh!!!

Perhentian 2006

My first time to this beautiful island although a last minute decision am glad to have gone. The trip there was rather long. The trip took us about 10 hours to get there from KL. Took the "Mahligai" which left at 9 and reach Kuala Besut around 6am. Then had breakfast while waiting for our boat to arrive. Had some confusion with the accomodation but got it sorted out. Finally after 30 mins of boat ride we reach the big island. Long beach located on the small island is rather roudy more for youngster and party goers. Got pubs, bars and disco. Big island more family style, quite and peaceful.

We stayed at Watercolours Resort. The little hut not too bad have your own toilet, no ac just fan. There's also lots of hate them. There was however a big "cicak kubing" right outside our room. Scary. Food at the resort was rather expensive and not nice. Better place to eat is at Coral Bay or Mama's, cheap and good.

After a nap, we took a walk along the beach front and looked for dive places. Finally, decided to go diving with Yakub and Tim at Turtle Bay Divers. First dive, in the afternoon we all went to the Pinnacle. It's been a while since I dive and had a panic attacked while I was hovering waiting for the rest to decend. Pleuni had trouble equalizing and therefore we waited a while for her. Both of us didn't complete our dive. The other two guys saw bat fishes which I wanted to see but didn't get too. Anyhow, later the dive master took me out again this time to Batu Nisan to get use to being underwater again. This time saw lots of fishy and rays.

Next day we went out to D'Lagoon and Tanjung Basi. More rays, cleaner shrimp, rabbitfish and eels. On the third day, we dived at North Point and T3 (Terumbu Tiga), finally saw my batfish. What excited me was the school of yellow tail barracuda and bumphead parrotfish - shitted. Overall, the fishy was not as many as Sipadan but
it was fun. Most of the corals are dying and it's quite sad. No turtles!!! T_T Tim our dive master born in England but living in Australia. He's really nice and has lots of patience. Yakub on the other hand, is a real funny guy. I was told never to believe what he says coz he tends to exagerate.

He took me hiking from Turtle bay to the back of the island and back. Scary, scary scary as the jungle was dark and spooky glad to make it out there alive. We also met a nice couple from France, she's a politician in south of france near Marseille, Millau I think. The city with the Viaduct Bridge. It was nice to get away and spend time with my hunny. We had a fun time, next trip hopefully to Siem Rep.