Thursday, August 20, 2009

Isabel @ 11 Months

Isabel's new ride - Thank you daddy. One day I will fly a real plane :)

Wow so many things happen this month, another month more before she turns one. Amazingly, she can walk well even run about at times. Very playful don't want to take her naps. Started eating pasta and noodles, seems to like it a lot. Tried Yogurt Ice Cream and Chocolate candy. Very greedy and wants to eat everything we eat.

Eating homemade strawberry yogurt ice-cream from Aunty Sewei

She's grown much taller now, how we know?? Cause the clothes are shrinking and getting smaller :P Indication to start getting her more clothes especially PeeJays. She has a bit more hair. Her two top teeth are starting to come out. Another 2 on the bottom coming out as well. All together 6. Learning how to blow stuff, hopefully she'll be able to blow the candles on her cake.

I'm still breastfeeding her, its like never ending. Trying to wean her, painful process for both mummy and baby. She's biting on me now since her top 2 teeth are out. Hurts like hell. Been reading this book "No Cry Solution" wish I could have gotten it earlier, could have solve many of her sleeping habit. I'm nursing her to sleep every day, its a habit and now trying to change that its quite difficult. Must set goal and persist. I found out that a lot crankiness and things I observed about Isabel due to her sleep. If she sleeps better, I guess both mummy and her a lot happier :)

This month pictures of Isabel.

Swimming and playing bubbles in the pool

At Dolly's kids birthday party...she starting to like ELMO n crazy over balloons

At Gymboree with Sophie - the girls had loads of fun

Dinner with Aunty Akemi