Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Swimming Adventure

Mummy bought me 2 floats to swim in. The yellow float from Toy's R Us where I get to sit up in the water. The other called the mambo float...give me opp to get wet and move more freely in the water. I was not too comfortable using them at first but got use to it now. I really like swimming in the bubble pool. The last few days, the weather here is just perfect for me to get some swim time.

Brands Essence Advertising

This is my ad for Brands Essence of Chicken.
After consuming it, makes you smarter and stronger.
Check out the video :)

I'm 7 months old!!!

This is me playing with my toys.

I'm getting bigger and taller day by day. I'm almost 7kg now. Mummy's been feeding me lots lots and solid food. I have like 3-4 meals a day. I'm also very active, ever since I learn how to tummy crawl and turn over, I've been busy exploring. Now, I can sit up on my own without any help :) Also, am more vocal, learning to talk and make more sounds. My first word so far is "da da" n "there there".

Here is my current schedule:

7am - Wake up - Nursing time
8.00am - Breakfast
9.00am - Bath time
10.00am - Nap time - Nursing time
Noon - Lunch
1.00pm - Playtime/Outing to Grandma's
3.30pm - Nap time - Nursing time
5.30pm - Snack time
6.00pm - Playtime
6.30pm - Dinner time
7.00pm - Bath time
8.30pm - Join mummy and daddy for dinner
9.30pm - Bedtime
11.00pm - Nursing time

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yi Shyian 1st Brithday

It's Yi Shyian first b'day and my grandparents were in town. Daddy decided to take us all to Genting. I really like the cold weather there. Both my grandparents tried their luck at the slot machines while mummy and I went walking around the hotel. Here's pics of me with daddy at the main resort hotel.

My cousin's is 1 years old already. Mine will be up very soon. It was a Lok Lok B'day party. I think daddy like it alot. Mummy not a big fan of the lok lok but I had fun playing with my cousin.

Also here's a video of my first word "da da", mummy is very jealous and upset coz I didn't said "ma ma" instead I said daddy first.

Eat Eat Eat

I've been eating more now. I really do enjoy my food. Especially like when mummy cooks me porridge. Thanks to Aunty Sewei who has loan me this high chair I can eat and play more now.

This is me at Fit for 2 Cafe....sitting like a samseng po :P

This is me and the Giant Giant Teddy Bear!!! I like to play with it when I'm at Grandma's

And this is "Domokun" on a outing with me....he likes to drive cars just like Aunty Leona