Thursday, August 28, 2008

Still waiting and waiting and waiting (10 days more)

The last couple of days has been really boring and torturing for me. Not doing much just sitting around and nesting getting really bored. Sleeping patterns also upside down, waking up at 5am (to look for food) and taking naps in the evenings. No fun...but they say rest more now coz later you'll hardly get the chance.

Now anxious looking out for labor signs plus reading lots of books anticipating the MOMENT.....really not fun. ha ha ha but still not any major signs yet. Although the pre-labor symptoms listed in the books am experiencing it now e.g. The engagement, increase pressure on pelvis, change in energy levels, change in vaginal discharge, diarrhea, intensification of Braxton Hicks Contractions. Have not seen the pink or bloody show plus loss of mucous plug. 6/8 is not too bad...getting closer I think. Also, cravings have actually increase more these past weeks. So weird, suppose to decrease in appetite but seems to be eating more now. :P We will know more when we see the doctor tom for another weekly checkup.

Well, the good news is that we finally got the confinement person sorted out. Have not met her personally but got around to the agency today and manage to pay deposit for one. She'll come stay with us for 28 days and help to take care baby and mommy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No Confinement Lady =(

With only 12 days left to my delivery, got a call yesterday afternoon that my confinement lady is unable to come as she has fallen down and sprain/twisted her leg and now unable to walk. Why la?!!! Now got headache trying to figure out what to do next. Been surfing around the internet and found 2 confinement agency. So far, SHL Cares Sdn Bhd in Kepong responded and said they can help. Not sure if they are any good but some help is better than none. I guess I can't be choosy at this point. So have anyone used them before? Any good? Just wanted to know before I sign up with them.

Sophie and Ryan Surprise Visit

Lynda is back for summer holidays and guess what I was totally surprise to her. This was after Sophie's Full Moon dinner which I totally missed out cause I over slept.=(
Was really looking forward to it and felt really bad cause I didn't show up. Anyhow, we met for lunch the next day @ Delicious. It was really a nice surprise to see Lynda, Gordon and Ryan.

The next visit, we met cute and adorable. I got cake from Patisserie Rui - Flower Garden (Red Velvet) "so yummy" for all to try. Even Aunty Chor Ming dog had a go at it :P

So happy to see babies...can't wait for my little one to show up. Any day now!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Disney Animated Movie - Wall-E

This would probably be the last movie I get to watch in the cinema before baby arrives. It was so so only, love story mainly..Wall-e its really cute and adorable but I expected much more humor in the movie. Overall, the movie was ok only. 5 out of 10 I would rate it. I guess the other movies like Sex in the City, P.S I Love You and Maid of Honor is more my liking now...hehehe! After Kungfu Panda, quite hard to match.

Looking forward to Madagascar 2...saw the trailer. It's damn hilarious and I can't wait to see that.

Gifts for Little One

For those who would like to get gifts for my baby...this are the things that are still missing from my list. Just in case you can't think of anything and would like to get the little one's a hint :P

1. Changing Nappy Mat - Mothercare (RM65.00)
2. FISHER PRICE Ocean Wonders Music & Lights Activity Friend -
Jusco Mid Valley/Isetan Gardens (RM229.90)
This toy is really cool, has music, lights and the fishes inside moves. Very soothing and hope baby will like it. Cause mummy likes it alot :P

3. Lamaze Toys (RM39.90)

4. Baby Monitor (RM249.90-399.90) Lindam or Chico

5. Concord® Ultimax car seat- Champion (RM1399) Bebehaus

Beijing Olympics 2008

It was last Friday, lots of event on Rhythmic Gymnastic, Synchronize Swimming and Taekwando. I'm only interested in the first 2 sports mentioned above...not Taekwando but since Phil can't watch so I watch a bit to let him know what's on. And guess what it was one of the most boring sport to watch. They are not really showing any skills or techniques but just hoping and bouncing around. A really complete waste of time to even have the sport in there. Anyhow, I enjoyed watching the other sports, my favorite Artistic Gymnastic. I really think that the Team from China n USA did really well.

This is Phil comment on the Taekwando

"I think the current Olympics Tae kwon Do should be completely taken out of the Olympics as an event. This event is a complete waste of time as I do not see any skills or techniques involved in this sport. I cannot understand what would compel a person to train for four years for the Olympics, only to spend maybe 20 seconds really fighting. Most of the time, I see the participants of this so-called sports dancing around like chickens in what resembles a Mexican cock fight. The fighters of this sport seem to be hugging each other every few seconds because they do not want to engage in proper combat. If hugging and dancing around in the ring seem to be the goal, perhaps the OIC should introduce ballroom dancing as a replacement for this sorry sport.

I did a search on the internet and the meaning of Tae Kwon Do and this is the translation Tae = kick, Kwon = punch/hand and Do = Art. I think the Olympic version of this sport should be renamed Round House Kick Do as this is the only kick executed by the participants and mentioned by the commentators every time. What happen to the punches, high spinning kicks, combination kick punches and high jump kicks which are the foundation of this very sport?

Furthermore, I understand that Tae Kwon Do Olympics does not necessary represent the best competitors in the world as there are a few equally strong governing bodies in the world of Tae Kwon Do.

Tae Kwon Do goes against the very motto of the Olympic; Swifter, Higher, Stronger. I do not see this sport demonstrating these qualities. Oh well maybe “swifter” round house kicks but not executed properly, “higher” the screams as if being possessed by the devil in a sorry B rate movie, and “stronger” the bouncing around like chickens fighting.

For Olympic Tae Kwon Do to survive as a sport in the long run, the sport needs to reinvent itself. Firstly, the Tae Kwon Do committee in the OIC needs to re-look at the scoring system in the free sparing event. Participants should be encouraged to execute proper techniques and encouraged to use more combination kicks and punches with extra points awarded for difficult executed techniques. Judges should penalize single technique fights such as round house kick through the match.

Secondly, new events such as high kick and distance kicks events should be introduced. For example participants should be competing on how high or how far they can successfully kick a static target over obstacles. This introduction will see improvements of the participants in every Olympics as they will be looking forward to break these height or distance kicking record. Even gymnastics has included the trampoline into its discipline.

Thirdly, OIC should include all Tae Kwon Do governing bodies in order for it to be recognized as a truly global sport. When the gold medal is awarded to a participant, the spectators will know that the person standing on the podium is really the world’s greatest."

Opening Ceremony was fantastic and mind blowing, although they were controversy over the fireworks and some of the events. But still, it was way awesome. As for the closing, it was kinda of a let down. Nothing spectacular except the fireworks display at the end. Talking about fireworks....this year didn't get to go to Putrajaya for the Fireworks Competition. ;(

Anyhow, 16 days passed so we shall await the next event - THE DELIVERY!!!

Long time no post.........

Sorry for the absence the last 2 months, been really busy. Time just flies doesn't it. Been nesting a lot, getting the house ready for baby's arrival. Been shopping a lot too, mostly buying baby stuff since got Mega Sale. Also with the start of the Olympics been glue pretty much to the tv. Also not forgetting visit to the doctors as well as to the library. So my life pretty boring nothing much exciting happening. Just waiting for the arrival of the little one and having a countdown...that's all. :)

UM Graduation 2008

Hehe not me la, its my hunny that graduated @ UM. Very proud of him as he came in top of his class (Master of Management). All the years of support and hard work paid off finally. Congratulations!!!!

The ceremony was really grand at Dewan Tunku Canselor. Raja Nazrin was there to give out the scrolls. Overall, long day for mummy and baby but we survived. Also was very happy in the evening at Graduation Dinner (Legend Hotel), both mummy and daddy won prizes. Mummy won a toaster at the lucky draw thanks to luck from baby and daddy won the best male dressed for the evening. Also daddy receive his Best Student of the Year Award.