Friday, February 20, 2009

Daddy's Birthday :)

Happy Birthday daddy!!!!

It was a long and fun filled day. Followed daddy to the temple to do Dana. After which we went to the national blood bank where daddy donated blood. For lunch, we went to TGIF :) Came home rested and then we went to Subang for Dinner @ Rakuzen. Food was delicious :) Mummy also bought cake for daddy....hope daddy's wishes all come true. Hope you like you're gift!

Love n Hugs from Mummy and Baby Hoong Yann

Let's go to the zoo!!!!

Isabel got invited to her first birthday party. The party took placed at the ZOO. I guess mummy n daddy was more excited than Isabel. Not too sure if she enjoyed it but we enjoyed taking her and showing her the animals. Our Zoo is kinda sad, animals don't look very happy...I guess who would be if you're caged up all the time. Anyhow, Isabel got to see her favorite animal the Elephant. By the time we got to the elephant she's was already very tired and sleepy :)

Uncle Jin Aun feeding Isabel with French Fries

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day Steamboat Dinner

We didn't do much...just a quite dinner at home. Decided to have we went out shopping to get the stuff and came home to cook. Dinner was lovely and we spent our day with our Valentine aka Baby Isabel :) Mommy and daddy was so busy trying to prepare food and cook that they forgot to take pics of me :P

I'm 5 months old

She's still a tiny little baby. Growing slowly but healthy and super active.
Love to go out "kai kai" all the time.
Mummy's nick name for me is "PUGGY" look like a little pug :P
I can roll over on my tummy now and roll back on my back :P
I don't quite like tummy time, kick a fuss all the time cause I can't move :P
I can blow bubbles with my saliva :P
I can also sit up with mommy's help
I can get onto sitting position when mummy pulls me up
I can LOL on my own
I can drink water from my sippy cup
I can't wait to eat food....mummy and daddy is so evil they tempt me all the time with yummy stuff that I can't eat :(
I've grown taller - 66cm long
Weight - don't know will have to wait for next checkup with doc guessing that I've surpass the 6kg mark :P

My parents have taken me dipping in the pool. Water was cold...brrrr but I love it. See me trying to catch bubbles in the pool and also in my cute bikini outfit (a little too big but sexy) :P Swimming costume sponsored by Aunty Linli

Chinese New Year!! MOO MOO YEAR!!!

Well, I just realized that it's been over a month since my last post. I was really busy getting ready for CNY...stressed out mostly. Trying to get everything done in such short time. I managed to complete all my task though. However, the whole CNY happened so fast hardly had time to enjoy and the usual stuff. This year only got to "Loh Sang" once :( plus didn't really get to play mahjong...*sob*sob

Once again we headed back to Penang, the journey was ok, took us about 4 hours plus to reach. We sat in daddy's new car...first time back to Penang. Packing and loading took about 1 hour. We only had 1 suitcase, the rest of the car boot was filled with Isabel's things. We spent about a week there :) Isabel loved collecting angpows :) anything red and shinny she will grab. LOL

Daddy in his new car!!!

Isabel sleeping during the journey to Penang

Mommy and Daddy's Anniversary Dinner

We were supposed to have this dinner last year during our 1 year anniversary but couldn't since baby Isabel arrival. Therefore we had to postpone it. Thank god the hotel was nice enough to extend it. We had our little dinner at Bossanova, Parkroyal. Brazillian food. The food was awesome, we even had lobster. Isabel was really interested to eat it though. She was fussing alot that night, wanting lots of attention :P But the 3 of us had a good time.