Thursday, October 09, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Came home after a few days rest at the hospital. Glad to be home but now the home has expanded. No more 2, its now 3. My mom pick up the confinement lady (quite young only 40 plus) I didn't have much food at home. So both my mom and Phil had to do some shopping :P
It was tough the first few nights....Isabel just keep all of us up all night long especially mommy since, I was the one feeding her every hour. Didn't get much sleep the first few days. It got better later, reason I didn't have enough milk plus my diet not high in calories so baby not full after feeds. Therefore I had to eat more (how am I ever going to loose them pounds :( )

Second week was a little easier, only woke up once to feed at night, but when 3rd week came it mommy had to feed like 2 times not that bad. Weird thing is she nurse like every hour from 8pm-Midnight and then sleeps thru. Wonder if that's normal? Anyhow, all baby do, eat-sleep-shit-and cry lots.

Confinement nanny make my whole place so oily and sticky, ruin my frying pan (cause she cooks at high heat) and messed up my kitchen. Cooking so far ok, can't complain. Phil don't like it since she likes to fry stuff (especially fry fish), cooking is quite dry and he hates food with no gravy. The lady sleeps with baby and me...she snores really loud. Baby too makes lots of noises when she sleeps. Cleanliness of baby - 7/10. Give excuses to not use cloth diapers. Overall, I would give her a rating of 6/10.

Labor Pains

It's been close to a month now and baby Isabel is going to turn 1 month old very soon. Mummy has been so busy feeding and trying to catch up on sleep and some work around the house. It's quite tiring. Not too sure where to begin, so many things happen in the last few weeks. Can't believe it's going to be 1 month now.

Well, I guess I will start with labor pains.....started around midnight, since the doctor as me to time my contractions I started noting them down. Couldn't really get much sleep that night. At about 3am went to the bathroom to pee and had some spotting. There and then I thought...times up. Quickly, took a long shower (knowing that it would be a long while before I can enjoy a nice long bath :P) wash my hair, got dress and blow dry my hair. Woke up Phil told him its time, he got ready while I tidy up the house. We even had time to do some chanting before leaving the house at 6am. It was raining then...we even stopped by Mcd's to grab breakfast before heading to the hospital.

Check in to the labor ward at around 6.45am got me into my special suite. Doc came later and said that I was 4cm dilated. Will probably be another 6 more plus hour before I'm fully dilated.
Contractions started to feel much more stronger at around that point couldn't tahan much. So I ask if I can have Epi, the nurse ask me to try the gas first. It didn't really do much for me only make me more sleepy. Later around 9.30 the doc to give me my epi shot and after that things were much more bearable. I wonder how our mothers/grandmothers did it in the good old days!!! Amazing!!! for me the pain was just too much too handle. I rested till lunch, Phil kept me company. After Friday prayers, doc came and said that it was time, that I can start pushing already. My mommy came too but she was in and out of the room cause she can't stand the sight of blood. Not too long after that Little Isabel came out to meet mommy and daddy at last. All in all a long long painful process which I will probably prolonged having another baby for a long time (by now I'm starting to forget a little by little - who knows in a couple more years).

Baby Isabel - 1 Month Pics

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