Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kungfu Panda

If any of you haven't seen this movie, you've got to check it out. I rate this the best animated film of the year. It's just super hilarious and entertaining. Thinking of watching the Cantonese version next week :P Love them shorts :P Phil says Panda is just like me....only motivated with food hehehehe :P

Little Penang Cafe - Mid Valley

This is us pigging out at 2pm Little Penang Cafe on Monday. We all got up late from watching Euro (ITA VS ESP). I actually was surprise to wake up at 4am to watch the game which Spain qualified to the quarter finals :P My baby is a big football fan, watch EPL now EURO. Tonight TUR VS GER. Not too sure want to watch or not. But will definately try to catch ESP VS RUS tom night :P

Ok enough about football bcak to lunch. Tracy and Chris just got back over the weekend and we decided to meet up for lunch. They both look so cute together.
We ordered assam laska, curry mee, char kuey teow, top hats, otak otak, lobak and cendol. Was good awesome but Chris said it was too spicy for him. He seems to like the lobak and top hats. He knows a few words in malay (jadi and tak jadi) and of course cantonese - POW CHA!!!! funny guy. Anyhow, after lunch we just jalan jalan for a bit in the mall. Wanted to go swimming but it was starting to rain :(

Also found out that Chris and I are born on the same day and same isn't it. :)

Also would like to thank them both for getting these cute baju for my little baby. Can't wait for he/she to wear them :P

Mother in Law - Prawn Curry

Last weekend, my mother in law invited us over to E-Ling place to eat Phil's favorite Prawn Curry. It was really yummy and tasty. Have to get recipe from her later. Can't seem to remember much these days :P

After lunch we rush over to Pantai Hospital, no no my water did not break. We had our last ante natal class - exercise and breathing. So fast the classes were over, Phil miss the previous one which turns out to be the most important one were they teach you to take care of the baby, how to handle the little one and bathe them. They also took us around the labor and maternity ward - preview of what to come :P

Now the only thing left is a bit more shopping to get the big items and sit and wait till baby comes....only 75 more days to go and counting.

Peter Grant at Alexis Bangsar

Just last week, the jazz performer from UK came to town. Seeing that Phil likes Jazz a lot we decided to go check him out. Decided to have dinner at Alexis then stayed on to watch the show. He's truly amazing, only 21 yrs old but voice very mature. He kinda reminds me of a younger version of Barry Manilow. Pregnant mummy actually went up to him to get his second album autograph. :P

The show was very entertaining as he's a great singer and performer. I can't say must about his audience. There were a couple of ppl who just really don't know how to behave themselves, talking/laughing loudly and public displace of affection (get a room pls ya). Overall, we had fun, its good to get out once in a while. It's been quite a while mummy and daddy gone out to a nice place for dinner.

Steamboat - Talipon

We had steamboat about a month back....just thought I blog about it. Food was ok, the guys did all the bbq - me just sat back. The bakwa pieces were really yummy and we kept on eating and eating. As for me, i was mostly looking forward to the durian ice cream at the end. Guess how many I had - 2.5 cones :P Pig ya
Normally, I don't eat ice cream but somehow ended up eating so much that nice :P

Friday, June 06, 2008

New Washer and Dryer

Daddy finally bought a new washer and dryer for mummy to clean clothes. We got a good deal at Harvey Norman. They just delivered it an hour ago. Unfortunately, can't try it out yet as the tap head is not matching. Will have to go out to the hardware store to get the adapter head and also see if they sell washing machine base so that it won't get wet on the floor.

We got the Electrolux 7KG Washer(EWF 1084)and 5kg Dryer (EDE429). Can't wait to try them both out. Now with the new electricity tariffs and increase in petrol prices, going to cost more to do laundry at home. Must start conserving water and energy soon.

Baby Shopping

My mommy bought us a Maclaren Techno XT in Singapore last month for my baby. We were down in Singapore for the Diamond Distributor Rally and came across an add for baby stuff. The XT was on sale, S$379 I think, can't remember memory loss is quite rapid these days. But its still cheaper than getting it here. Mom thinks that getting black color would be good since we still don't know the gender of the baby yet. Car seats was on sale too but didn't buy since it won't fit in the car.

My friend Grace, lend me her medela breast pump for expressing my breast milk. Comes in a really cool bag pack.

So far, I've bought some clothes, diapers, blankets, washing detergents and nappies for baby. I guess there's still lots more stuff to shop for. Car seat and playpen should be next on the list. Then baby cot, mattress, etc.

Chef at Home

It's been a while since my last posting. Been cooking lots more after the 3rd month of my pregnancy. Getting lots of inspiration from the AFC (Asian Food Channel), my favorite show now is watching Chef Michael Smith. Easy to follow and cook recipes. So far I have tried a few of the recipes and it turned out yummy.

During the 4th month of my pregnancy, baby/mommy was cravings mostly "ang mo" food. Anything not Chinese is the preferred menu. We had lots of fast food (mostly McD's and KFC), Dominos twice, Italian and Chilis. So during that month mommy was way over the weight limit. Thank god now we are back to eating more healthily, more home cook meals.

I made Ratatouille and Corn-Bacon Chowder Soup.... here are the yummy pics.


Corn Bacon Chowder

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ante Natal Classes - First Lesson

With only 100 days left till baby comes along, we've actually signed up last weekend for the ante natal classes at the hospital. The fees for 5 weeks of classes came up to RM200. Not bad, hope to learn lots from the class. The nurse who was conducting the class was not a good presenter, she just kept reading from the slides and even reading also pronounce all the words wrongly. So bad ya focus only on peoples bad point. Can't help it! English also very broken, but she knows her stuff.

First lesson was on the importance of breast feeding and how to breast feed baby. They showed us a video on how's baby suppose to latch on to our breast. The daddies were looking weird and making silly remarks. Asking if they could get a copy of the video to take home. :P Unfortunately, is all about practicing and getting the hang of the real thing. Got to wait till baby comes first.

Next class is on Monday night, going to learn about labor pain relief and care of newborn. This should be interesting, hopefully they will get the dad's more involve.