Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Videos of me playing and talking :)

This is me talking to my daddy. I have to tell him as I only see him for a few hours every night before I go to bed. I love my chit chat time with my daddy.

Me already got lots to say and the best thing is I love to SMILE and learning how to laugh. Right now, no sound yet :P

I'm 2 months old

Today marks that I'm 2 months old already. My mummy has been taking good care of me, feeding me and giving me baths. I look forward every morning for my splish splash session. After which I will take my nap and then later get up to play for a little bit and back to sleep again. Although, I get fussy during the evenings mummy and daddy patiently talks and rocks me. I think I may be suffering from colic.

Just 2 days back mummy and daddy took me to see the doc for my inoculations. I was such as good girl and I didn't make any fuss. I was such a brave girl. Doc says I''m growing bigger and stronger since my last visit. I'm now 57 cm long and weighs 4.3kg. Thanks to mummy eating lots and lots of cheese I've been growing quite a bit.

These are some pics of me with my new hair band do :) Mummy like dressing me up.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Baby trip out to Midvalley

This was my first trip out shopping with mummy and daddy. We ate at Oishi Japanese Restaurant and daddy carry me on the carrier. We didn't manage to stay long as I was making lots of fuss and wanted to go home to sleep. So our trip was cut short. But mummy and daddy had fun taking me out.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My new Rocker Chair

My new chair arrived today and mummy put it all together. I was really excited and anxious to sit on it. My daddy bought me a rocker chair cause lately I've been fussing alot. And I like it alot :) It's cool too as it vibrates too. My very own OSIM chair :)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

My Crib

This is me in my new crib and also video of me playing with my new toy.