Thursday, June 18, 2009

9 Months Old plus Road Trip

I'm 9 months old and I'm growing taller and stronger by the day. Both my bottom teeth are out am waiting anxiously for the top ones to come out. Am bitting on everything. I can stand momentarily on my own. Play ball with daddy and grandma. Speak gibberish that only I can understand :P I love dogs and cats, get very excited when I see them. I can also wave bye bye. I understand alot of words now. I like attending classes at Gymboree, loads of fun, I get to crawl everywhere, play ball and catch bubbles. My parents thinking of signing me up for more classes :P

This month daddy decided to take a road back up north to see my Grandparents and Great Grandma. Journey there wasn't too bad I behave ok in the car. Daddy says we may go up to Cameron next month for another family trip.

This is me at Grandparents house - Mummy went to the hair saloon, both grandparents and daddy took care of me. They had a fun time :P I even poo poo and daddy had to change me for the first time. Daddy and grandpa was so grossed out but they had no choice. Daddy also put me down for a nap by rocking me for 45 mins. Happy Father's Day!!!

We also went over to Butterworth to visit Great Grandma (Chor Chor). I was ok didn't cry much and was happy crawling around the living room. Later that night we went to have Steamboat. Everyone liked the food...very yummy they say but it was rather hot for me.