Thursday, November 12, 2009

Isabel @ 14 Months

Isabel and her huge huge fishball - she's starting to like them alot!

Isabel playing with her new train set

Domozilla on the go!!! Save the trains

The next Rubic cube champion!

Ever since she turn 1, she's been growing up really fast. Still breast feeding her. Quite demanding as she keeps on insisting on my breast. Still wondering how to wean her. Her motor skills as improve a lot more. Like you can see from the pics above, she's now able to put shapes in. She's also eating more now. Starting to eat rice and soup now and also taking in more meat like fish and chicken. Started her on formula but she doesn't seem to like it unless its chilled, so now she's drinking fresh full cream milk. She calls it 'moo moo' milk from cow not mummy :P

Still talking lots of gibberish, but can understand a lot of what we say which is kinda scary cause we got to start to watched what we say. Can say 'neng neng' means pretty in chinese and the word 'no', 'there', 'clock' and 'moo'. She weighs about 9.8 kg now and is 76 cm long. Doc says she's quite average. Did not fuss again when she went to have her chicken pox injection.

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